For 3 generations in the world of wine and barrels!

Michel Rey, the founder, lives in the barrel sector since very young. His Grandfather Antoine already initiated him to the maintenance of the barrels that he used for the aging of his wines. His father Germain continued the tradition, and had already developed a basic system to regenerate aging barrels.
The years passed, Michel and his son, Dominique manufactured and developed a series of machines to renovate barrels on a large scale.
They found in Spain a fertile ground for the development of their technique. DIONILAND Spain was born and became the precursor of the barrels renovation.

In 2004 : Dioniland is transferred in France to Narbonne. Michel and Dominique develop their production tool and master a know-how that will enable them to serve a thousand customers in France and Spain.

In 2006 : construction of a 1,800 m2 building in Lezignan Corbières, which will increase the renovation capacity to 14,000 barrels / year, and develop the barrel business for spirits.

2010 : Promotion of a workshop for refurbish ex-Bourbon and ex rum barrels in Mexico. Expedition of 20 to 35,000 barrels per year to the big Whiskey producers in Scotland.

2016 : The fall of the supply market for whiskey and the French tax pressure bring about the end of Dioniland.

2017 – 2022 :  Michel Rey creates TECNIWOOD in the UK and TECNIWOOD Pyrénées Consult MR in ANDORRE, expands the range of marketed cooperage products, and develops the “Grand Export” network.

2023 :  The volumes of revised rum barrels, shipped from Mexico, Canada, the USA, exceed 15,000 pieces.